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    Slot request


    Following steps are necessary if you want to obtain slot approval for Tuzla International Airport:

    • Read the form “Slot and Handling Request Form” to determine the type of operation
    • According to the chosen type of operation, if it’s necessary, you need to send a request for authoritization to the BH DCA, or by Embassy to BH Ministry of foreign affairs request for diplomatic agreement.
    • After you obtain all the above-mentioned approvals, you must complete filling of the form “Slot and Handling Request Form” and send all documentation to the Airport Operation Center (opcentar@bih.net.ba).
    • After your request is examined and approved, you will receive the document „SLOT Approval“ in which you will be informed about flight conditions at Tuzla International Airport.

    Tuzla International Airport Slot & Handling Request Form

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