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    Passengers with reduced mobility

    A passenger is considered a passenger with a disability if his physical, medical or mental condition requires individual attention and assistance in boarding and disembarking in air traffic, assistance during his stay and flight procedures at Tuzla Airport.
    Disabled passengers are wheelchair users

    They are divided into three categories:

    • WCHR – passenger with limited mobility, requires a wheelchair for the distance from / to the aircraft;
    • WCHS – passenger with very limited mobility, wheelchairs from / to the plane are required, assistance is required along / down the stairs, but the passenger can independently reach his / her seat in the cabin of the aircraft;
    • WCHC – the passenger is completely immobile.

    A stationary passenger (WCHC) or a passenger who cannot take care of himself during the flight procedure cannot travel alone, must have an escort to take care of him during the procedures and duration of the flight and the airport reception and dispatch service staff will provide all necessary assistance .

    Information for passengers who have their own wheelchairs – batteries

    Only hand-held wheelchairs and wheelchairs running on a dry-cell battery protected against leakage may be accepted provided the terminals are insulated to prevent accidental short circuits. The battery must be securely attached to the wheelchair.

    These categories of passengers must have a medical certificate that they are capable of traveling no older than 6 days from the date of travel stating that the passenger is fit to travel by air

    Passengers with visual impairment (BLND) or hearing impairment (DEAF)

    • This category of passengers requires special attention during check-in for the flight until boarding the aircraft.
    • If unaccompanied passengers will be assisted by airport staff from the passenger check-in counter to the aircraft.
      Please accompany the mentioned passengers to pick up the airport wheelchair at the information counter.

    The professional staff of the airport carefully takes care of this category of passengers and we will be at your service until boarding the plane.

    Tip / recommendation: passengers with disabilities or reduced mobility when buying a ticket should declare themselves as such (or no later than 48 hours before the start of the trip) in order to receive adequate and professional assistance at the airport.