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    Switzerland, notification for the passengers

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    Passengers traveling from Tuzla International Airport to Basel (MLH) Switzerland must be aware of the following requirements.
    Currently, only fully vaccinated passengers can travel for no good reason with a negative PCR / antigen test, not older than 24  hours before departure.

    Passengers without full vaccination can enter Switzerland only with a valid reason and a negative PCR / antigen test, not older than 24 hours before departure.

    For travel conditions with non-EU passports and without vaccines, see the link: http://www.bag.admin.ch/
    Passengers who have an EU passport or visa but have not been vaccinated can travel with a negative test.

    Important note !!!!!!

    The above notice applies only to tests that are mandatory under the rules and restrictions of the country to which you are traveling during the Covid-19 pandemic.

    For all other documents and conditions, travelers who do not have EU passports, visas and residence permits must be informed before the flight and whether they can travel and under what conditions.

    You can read more at the link: http://www.bag.admin.ch/

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