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    Sweden, notice for passangers

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    From 21.01.2022. travelers traveling from BiH to Sweden must know the following:

    The only exceptions to the restrictions are:
    Swedish citizens and persons living and working in Sweden and have some of the Swedish documents (passport, residence permit, visa, etc.)

    Approved vaccines can be found at https://polisen.se/en/the-swedish-police/the-coronavirus-and-the-swedish-police/travel-to-and-from-sweden/#approved

    Note: vaccines from BiH are not valid for Sweden.
    Passengers who do not have vaccines and have an EU passport, visa or residence permit can travel with a negative test.
    Passengers who do not have an approved vaccine and do not have an EU passport, visa or residence permit must have a reason to travel and a negative test.

    For all other documents and conditions, travelers who do not have EU passports, visas, residence permits and approved vaccines must be informed before the flight if they can travel and under what conditions.

    You can read more about the above at the links:



    Important notice!!!

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