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    Media guide

    We want to acquaint all media houses with certain rules and procedures at Tuzla International Airport.

    Tuzla International Airport is a border area, which implies certain restrictions on movement.

    If you want to visit Tuzla International Airport, each visit of a media representative precedes the obligatory announcement of arrival by letter by e-mail or fax, with the following information:

    • the media house you come from,
    • reason, location and estimated recording time (date and time),
    • name, surname and ID number of all team members,
    • contact phone of the editorial office.

    You are obliged to send each request, at least 24 hours in advance, to the following addresses:

    E-mail : security@tuzla-airport.ba

    E-mail : opcentar@bih.net.ba

    Fax: +387 35 745 750

    If you need additional information, please contact the following number:

    Phone: +387 61 663 135