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    Lost and damaged luggage

    In the event that your luggage has not arrived, has been replaced or is damaged, immediately contact the lost / found counter located in the lobby of the Tuzla International Airport terminal.

    Professional staff trained to work at this counter will help you and make the appropriate record and regularly inform you about the status of your luggage.

    The working hours of this counter are in accordance with the working hours of the airport. We have a World Tracer computer system that is great for finding luggage quickly.

    Other forgotten items and things in the plane, airport waiting rooms, toilets, restaurants and at the KDZ control also arrive in our department. If you notice that you are missing something, call the counter or contact us by phone.

    Once your luggage is found the staff informs you and you can come pick up your luggage.

    All information can be obtained at:

    Phone: +387 35 745 551 or e-mail:


    Our advice to passengers: mark your luggage with your name and surname or a pendant that will be used for identification.