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    In the unlikely event that your luggage is lost, damaged or delayed in transport, you can check in upon arrival at your destination.

    Visit the Baggage Claims or Lost Baggage Counter in the Transit Zone, where we will help you complete the Property Irregularity Report (PIR) immediately.

    If you do not complete the report at the destination airport, we will not be liable

    If baggage is not found within 21 days of receipt of the report at the destination airport, Wizz Air will be liable for loss

    We cannot be held responsible for luggage that has been misidentified by another passenger – all costs are borne by the passenger who misidentified the luggage

    In order for improperly handled baggage to be returned to the owner as soon as possible, each individual item must have the passenger’s name, initials and address before the baggage is handed over.

    Checked baggage is, whenever possible, carried on the same aircraft as the passenger to whom it belongs. For security or operational reasons, checked baggage may also be carried on an alternative flight. In these cases Wizz Air cannot be held responsible for baggage delays.

    Damaged luggage

    We take responsibility for damaged luggage in the following ways:

    • if it was impossible to notice damage or petty theft of your luggage upon arrival, you can check in at the airport within seven days of arrival,
    • if your luggage has not arrived on your flight and if it has been delivered with damage or petty theft, you can check in within 21 days of handing over your luggage,
    • if the luggage was improperly packed, the liability will be reduced,
    • report damage to cabin luggage (including clothing) while on a plane or before leaving the transit zone.

    Receivables and complaints

    A claim can be made in writing to the Wizz Air Claims Department or your insurance company if you are claiming directly.

    To help us process your request as quickly as possible, attach a copy of the Cabin Report or Baggage Irregularity Report that you received on the plane or at the airport when writing the report of delay, damage or petty theft. In addition, provide your contact information and bank account details to which damages may be paid (if any).

    Lost / Found Luggage Counter:

    Tel: + 387 35 745 551;

    Fax: + 387 35 745 750

    E–mail: lostandfound@tuzla-airport.ba